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Being certain means everything when solving complex engineering challenges. Ripping the wings off of a commercial airliner, or running a Formula 1 car to its design limits, or shaking a full-sized house like it’s in an earthquake, or enabling a crane to operate in a busy European street -- these are the things our customers do with our products, systems and consulting expertise. At MTS, we design the test systems and position sensors that help the best and brightest companies come up with the next big thing. You may have never heard of us, but you’ve heard of our customers. They are the ones who are building the wind turbines that will generate tomorrow’s green energy; the tires that will survive grueling laps on a test track; and the jet engines that will run at higher temperatures with less fuel. They come to MTS because we offer the best solutions in the industry, and they demand leading-edge software to run it.

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